Learn to fly at Turweston Flying School.
Learn to fly at Turweston Flying School

Flying Lessons with Mike Robinson

Mike's daughter Rachel flying solo on her 17th birthday

Mike's son Andrew flying solo on his 16th Birthday

Turweston Flying School based at the Turweston Aerodrome is owned by Mike Robinson, Simon Braithwaite, Paul Shenton and Ian Underwood. Mike has been at Turweston for the past 17 years and has over 37 years of instructing experience, amounting to over 15,000 hours spent teaching in the air!!!

Mike's obsession with aviation began at the age of 14 when he joined his local Air Cadet Squadron and he has since passed the ‘bug’ on to his two children. The proudest moments in his aviation career were sending his daughter solo on her seventeenth birthday and following an age reduction by the CAA his son solo on his sixteenth birthday.

Mike is keen to teach all ages of student pilots and it is now possible to log hours towards the PPL from the age of 14, however Mike has also taught more mature individuals, his eldest student to date being 80. Mike has vast experience teaching men and women of all ages to fly, all lessons are tailored to meet individual students and are planned around enthusiasm, progress and pennies!

Mike is also keen to teach students the importance of safety when in and around the aircraft. He is committed to only flying in the optimum weather conditions to ensure students make safe and practical progress throughout their PPL course. Unlike some other teaching institutions Turweston Flying School will not put you at risk at the expense of your wallet and confidence!

If you would like to learn to fly in a friendly, professional environment with dedicated instructors then get in touch with Mike at Turweston Flying School for all your flight training needs.

Call us now on: 01280 701167
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